E-Commerce Selling Process

Selling online has become easily possible nowadays. In fact, it has become one the most popular platforms people prefer buying from.

If you plan to start a business of your own, and wondering how to go about it, then this post will help you learn the complete e-Commerce Selling Process.

Follow the steps as mentioned, and to the end, you’ll be done.

Step #1: Give your business a name – Register it

The first and foremost requirement is to give your business an identity in terms of a name. The name is something your audience will recognize your business with. Thus, choosing a good name is imperative.

Once you select a name, make sure you register it.

Why is registration important?

This is because if someday someone else comes up in the market with the same name, you will stand nowhere since you do not have proof that you own that title.

Moreover, one needs to comply with the registration as mandatory per law. Thus, it is essential to get your business registered. Each state may have its own policies; therefore, you may refer to your respective state policies for registration.

Step #2: Create a domain name and a website – Register as a seller

Once you are registered, either create your own website using a hosting platform or register as a seller. There are two different possibilities you might want to opt, i.e.

  1. Register as a seller on popular websites like Amazon, and eBay OR start your own e-commerce business by buying space at popular sites such as Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.
  2. The other possibility that arises when you want to set your own e-commerce store is to build a website using web hosting platforms and register your domain.

For example, buy a domain for the e-commerce platform through the WordPress and install plugins that help you set up your business and sell online.

Registering as a seller on e-commerce platforms is the easiest way to start selling.

The complexity level increases when you opt for platforms to open up your own store. However, the primary benefit here is that you have your own store where you can sell unlike being just a seller on other e-commerce platforms.

You actually tend to build your own brand here. The most complicated method is to create a new website altogether to start a business.

However, if you plan to do a business on a massive scale, it is the optimum choice to make.

The eCommerce Selling Process

Step #3: Upload Products

Once you’ve chosen where you want to sell and have a space to upload your stock, you may now start uploading high-quality images of your products.

Give them a name and mention their price.

If you are into selling various categories of products, make sure to categorize them. This makes the website look neater and easy to use for the customer.

Give the products a suitable description that is easy to understand and explains each and every feature of the product.

When doing a business online, your interaction with the customers is not direct. The customer cannot touch and feel the product physically. Thus, in order to succeed despite the demerit, it is important to explain each and everything about the product through descriptions.

Step #4: Use SEO

In order to get your website or listed products to rank on top of the Google search results, it is essential to have relevant keywords in the content.

For example, if a person is looking out for a juicer, and you have it as one of your products, then make sure your product title has the word juicer. This will help the search engines identify that you have the same thing that the buyer is looking for and will list your products on the top.

Similarly, make sure that the description along with being informative and easy to read, is also SEO optimized.

Step #5: Choose your shipping method

The next and the most important thing is to choose a shipping strategy. Make sure you connect with only famous shipping companies who can make sure that they will deliver your product timely without any damage.

Final words

You are all set to start selling. You have an e-commerce store, have your shipping planned and the products are listed.

Now the buyers will simply have to click on the buy now option, make payments through the payment gateway you’ve opted for and buy your product.

In order to attract more customers, use all the digital marketing tactics and take your business to greater heights.

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