Where & How to Sell Products Online?

Selling Online E-CommerceWhat is Online Selling?

Online selling, otherwise known as “e-commerce”, is a valuable means of marketing and selling physical or digital products and services on the internet in exchange for legal tender or cryptocurrency.

Online selling is the part of e-commerce which involves the selling of goods or services over the Internet.

What is an Online Business?

A digital body or enterprise that carries out collective and regular business activities involving the trade of goods or services is known as an online business.

A business enterprise in which all of some of its activities are conducted online is an online business. It is otherwise known as an “e-business”. E-businesses can be advertised and conducted through the use of websites designed for that purpose, blogs, applications etc.

Reasons for an Online Business

Selling products and services online is an innovation that is very helpful to any business owner, online selling. There are many reasons why business owners would turn to the internet to aid sales of goods and services, amongst many more, some are:

  1. Wider Audience: operating an online business gives you a wider reach of the audience you can get to, your business is easy to find and can be found by people on other people you would otherwise not have reached to, this cannot be achieved by a traditional business set up at a physical location easily
  2. No Time Boundaries: an online business is a 24/7 operating enterprise, it allows your business to run even when you’re asleep or busy, it has no time limits.
  3. Worldwide Reach: an online/ web-based business has a worldwide reach, a website can be seen and accessed by anyone from anywhere which is good for business.
  4. Lesser Credits: except you’re running a lending business, an online reach and operation reduces the number of credit requests and occurrences in your business, people are made to pay upfront for their orders, except otherwise instructed, this is good for any business
  5. Marketing Help: almost anything that is online can be found by a simple search, the same thing goes for an operative business, the information about a business also pops out when a search with keywords is run, these and many more features of online selling help promote and market your business, with or without cost
  6. Sale Increase: having an online business with its wide and worldwide reach, marketing and promotion helps bring more patronage and this increases sales of goods or services offered
  7. Saves Business Cost: operating an online business solely helps to eliminate set up and operative costs, because it eliminates the need to have to pay for the traditional store, shop or office, as well as pay attendants and employees.
  8. Operate it Anywhere: online businesses simply need an internet connection and a laptop, computer or phone, with these simple and portable requirements, your business can be operated from anywhere.

Where to Conduct Online Business?

Have you decided to add online selling to your business strategy, well, that’s a good call, with loads of benefits? But you may be wondering how and where to go about the selling of your goods and service

Online selling of products is done at websites designed specifically for the purpose of e-commerce. There are a variety of sites at which one can sell products, however, they come in two categories: hosted sites in which the providing company hosts your business store and self-hosted sites in which you host your store, after having gotten the software from the company.

What Products to Sell OnlineHosted sites are a much better recommendation, except you are tech savvy and know your way around self-hosting, this is because there are almost no chances of your store going down, and the companies that host your store offer support in many ways, few of the best-hosted sites are:

How to Sell Products Online?

After identifying the desired product or service you are going to be selling as your target market, the next steps to take are:

  • Pick your preferred e-commerce platform or store after researching to know which suits your enterprise,
  • Go to the site, e.g www.shopify.com or www.amazon.com your devices, and make sure you have a stable internet connection,
  • Register or Sign up on the preferred platform you opened,
  • Set up your account, select your theme, subscription type, pay the required seller fee etc,
  • List your item(s) you are putting up for sale, with their descriptions etc,
  • Promote your items,
  • Manage your listing by checking at intervals in order to know when a purchase is being made,
  • Get paid: once a sale is made, you get paid into the account you set up at time of registration online.

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